Scientist working at the laboratory. Screen image of molecule made by myself

Lawyers acting on behalf of Team GB have confirmed that an appeal has been launched after the IOC announced that all British athletes had been BANNED from Rio 2016 due to ‘doping concerns.’

According to IOC spokesperson Richti Dunket, a random inspection at the Olympic Village yesterday found that all British athletes have had access to a variety of tea that is currently on the list of banned substances. 

His statement said: ‘We inspect all accommodation in conjunction with representatives from our anti-doping agency, and we removed a sample of tea bags that were found in a Team GB conference room.’

‘In the testing laboratory, these tea bags were found to contain unacceptable levels of rooibos placentum – this chemical blocks lactic acid signals from reaching the brain, enabling athletes to run further without feeling the associated pain.’

‘Until we have established that all athletes on Team GB are competing without the effects of performance enhancing tea bags, we have no choice but to suspend the entire team.’

‘Testing could take anything up to four days as are legally required to gather further teabags – these will be the ‘B Sample’ specimens.’

In a late development, it also emerged that the Greek team could face a similar punishment over a sample of protein-rich halloumi that was discovered in a Greek swimmer’s lunchbox.

We asked a member of the British team for a comment, and a media representative contacted our Newsdesk. 

A statement said: ‘These tea bags were formulated especially for Team GB, and so they were carefully designed to ensure that no anti-doping regulations were breached.’

‘We feel that the punishment is incredibly harsh and over-the-top in nature. As a precaution, an air drop of PG Tips has been ordered from the UK.’