A man has been detained under the Counterterrorism Act while waiting for a flight at Southend Airport after he was overheard saying that he ‘loves ices.’

He is now being questioned at a police station in London.

A witness told Southend News Network that the unidentified male was in the middle with a blazing row with a female about the best flavour of ice cream.

He said: ‘You could hear this couple rowing from the other side of the terminal, and as I walked closer and closer to them it became clear that they were involved in a heated argument about the best flavour of ice cream.’

‘First of all, he told who I assumed was his girlfriend that anyone who doesn’t like strawberry must be somehow wrong in the head, and she just screamed back that it’s ‘lemon sorbet or nuffink.’

‘He got agitated at this point and told her that lemon sorbet ‘tastes like lavatory cleaner,’ and at this point she also accused him of having a vendetta against all flavours just to be vindictive.’

‘He replied: ‘That’s ridiculous, I love ices, every single one of them.’

‘As soon as he said that a number of armed police swooped on him and led him away for questioning.’

It’s is the second terror-related incident to hit the airport in recent weeks, after another member of the public threatened to grab the keys to a Boeing 737 and put on their own impromptu airshow.

There is still a great deal of anger in the town after the traditional Southend Airshow was cancelled a few years ago.