The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May has officially become the only remaining human to fuck an entire country after the sad death of Hugh Hefner. 

The Playboy mogul passed away yesterday at the age of 91, leaving the British leader as the sole living person to give an entire nation a good rogering.

A spokesperson for the Institute Of Records told Southend News Network that Mrs May would now have a lot to live up to.

He added: ‘When you combine the cock and balls that her government made of the welfare state and the last general election, the situation would be described as an all-round national pounding.’

’Take the Brexit negotiations into consideration and it’s pretty much a session of UK-wide anal as well.’

’Double-Plugging when you chuck her appointment of Boris Johnson into the mix.’

’Having said all of this, at least Mr Hefner would usually chuck a few quid their way afterwards.’