A confectionery expert has revealed one simple trick that could save you a tonne of money the next time you need some sweet cones for a kids birthday party or another special event.

According to Professor Irving Dauli-Mixcha of the University of South Ockenden, you could save more than £3 per cone by just getting your own bits of transparent plastic and tipping your own fucking sweets in.

He added: ‘People selling sweet cones on Facebook make out like you need a PhD in quantum mechanics to build the things, but all you actually need to do is open one end and tip them in.’

‘You can save even more money by just using sandwich bags from Lidl, or better still just open a bag of Haribo at the end of any birthday party and tip them straight down every child’s throat with the help of a funnel.’

‘The only potential stumbling block may come when you need to add a coloured ribbon around the end, but to be fair if you are able to tie your own shoelaces you should be OK.’

‘Some specialist stores offer velcro ribbons just in case.’

In another development, Facebook was unavailable for eleven minutes on Tuesday morning after a major outage was caused by a sudden explosion in posting activity.

According to a source within the social media giant, a girl on a group called Southend Mums and Mumming posted the message ‘Dose anyone hear make sweet cones?’ and more than 65,000 people replied within 30 seconds.’

It has been a difficult week for local buying and selling groups on Facebook.

Last Thursday, eleven people were seriously injured in a riot after a ‘Professional Cake Maker’ from Westcliff On Sea made a Peppa Pig cake that looked like she had suffered a stroke.