A spokesperson for UK TV regulator Ofcom has confirmed that the popular kids show Thomas The Tank Engine has been banned from all mainstream TV channels after a complaint was received about the programme’s carbon footprint – it will remain off the air until all of the offending steam-based characters have been converted into electric locomotives.

We tracked down Mary Dipshil, the Southend-based mum of three who made the original complaint to Ofcom, and she told Southend News Network that the ruling was a ‘victory’ for all parents who are concerned about the future planet that will be left for the next generation.

She said: ‘All of the main characters on Thomas The Tank Engine are powered by steam, and in real terms this means that a significant amount of coal is burned for every episode. I have never actually watched an episode myself, but one account online said that Gordon gets particularly angry in one scene and starts spouting a huge amount of smoke from his main chimney.’

‘In my opinion, this would have released an even more significant amount of carbon dioxide into the air, and all we are doing is telling our impressionable young children that it is acceptable to pollute our planet in the pursuit of entertainment.’

‘As far as I am concerned, the producers of the show have missed a real opportunity by not converting the windmill in the opening credits into some sort of wind turbine – this would have gone some way towards compensation for the obscene amounts of exhaust fumes.’

‘I am delighted that Ofcom have acted upon my complaint, and I am now going to organise an online petition to get Paw Patrol removed from Nick Jr. It’s all very well zooming around all over the place and getting people out of a variety of scrapes, but those motorbikes! I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a massive hole in the Ozone Layer above Adventure Bay.’

‘Mayor Goodway had better have plenty of factor 50 next time she pops to the beach!’

This isn’t the first time that a kids entertainment product has been temporarily restricted over content issues. A few months ago, The Very Hungry Caterpillar was banned from a nursery after complaints were made over childhood obesity concerns, and ITV bosses are still preparing a statement after we EXCLUSIVELY revealed that the Button Moon landings were faked.

There was also a huge amount of embarrassment in recent months after Postman Pat was caught abusing ‘Sorry We Missed You’ cards and making sexually provocative remarks towards Mrs Goggins. It was the latest unwelcome scandal for the BBC who had already seen Mr Tumble banned over an expired CRB check.