Fraud investigators in the UK Fraud Taskforce have warned members of the public to be aware of a Facebook scam that has already led to thousands of credit card numbers being STOLEN by scammers.

According to Det. Ins. Percival Mugg, millions of pounds worth of fraudulent transactions have already been processed by the thieves, and he has issued an urgent plea for details of the scam to be shared with as many people as possible. 

The Facebook credit card scam image that has already fooled THOUSANDS of people.

Det. Ins. Mugg said: ‘December is always a time of the year when people let their guard down in the world of online safety – this particular social media scam has already ruined Christmas for a lot of families as card providers are refusing to cover their losses.’

‘Most sets of terms and conditions have now been updated to say that financial institutions will not be held liable for any fraudulent transactions that result from what is being called ‘meme fraud’ – this is an activity where card holders part with their personal details because a picture on the Internet promises them something magical in return.’

‘I would definitely urge people to think twice before posting their credit card details on a public Facebook post. There is a similar image offering to ‘look after’ PIN numbers for users at the moment to protect their bank accounts from evil Christmas elves – this may also be a scam.’

Deborah Fuch-Weet of Southend told our Chief Reporter that her credit card company has refused to reimburse her for the £3500 that she lost after becoming the latest South Essex victim of the scam.

She said: ‘I’m in tears because my Christmas has been left in tatters. I saw the picture and entered my full credit card details in good faith – I love Disney and couldn’t wait to find out what my surprise would be.’

‘In my opinion both Facebook and my card provider should be equally liable for this fraud. Who on earth would associate a picture of Mickey Mouse with such evil?’

‘If Facebook is going to crack down on fake news, they should definitely crack down on financial scammers as well. I will take my case to the highest court in the land if necessary.’