A spokesperson for TomTom has apologised after thousands limited edition Pet Shop Boys Sat-Navs were recalled due to ‘a significant number’ of Welsh motorists driving into the sea. 

The model was only launched last week, selling more than 14,000 units in the UK alone, but the manufacturer started receiving angry phone within hours of the launch from ‘outraged’ motorists in Wales.

Cardiff driver Ivor Abergavenny said: ‘The thing was bloody useless it was.’

‘I set off on a trip to see my cousin in Bristol, but the blasted thing just kept telling me to ‘Go West.’

‘In the end I reached Fishguard and just a few minutes later I could feel water rising around my feet.’

‘That’s when I realised that I was in the Irish Sea.’

‘The RAC took four hours to reach me because a number of other motorists in the region were already being rescued.’

Michelle Garridge from Westcliff On Sea told our Chief Reporter that her usually three-mile commute to work in Thorpe Bay took three days.

She added: ‘I knew something was wrong when I reached the junction between the M4 and the M5 but I carried on until I reached Penzance as I always trust the Sat-Nav – what’s the point of having one otherwise?’

This is the latest embarrassing incident for TomTom after they were forced to recall their entire production of Bonnie Tyler Sat-Navs in 2016.

Hundreds of users complained that were constantly doing U-turns and going back on themselves, with many never actually reaching their destination.