A millipede’s birthday party ended in disaster today after three guests ended up in hospital with exhaustion after attempting the Hokey Cokey.

According to witnesses at little Harry Slitherington’s fifth birthday bash in Chalkwell, Essex, the first warning signs appeared after verse 174.

One party goer told our Chief Reporter that in hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to perform the song for guests that can have anything up to 700 legs.

He added: ‘Things had already begun to take a turn for the worse during musical statues .’

‘Every time the music stopped and people froze on the spot, it would take anything up to fifteen seconds for the rest of their body to come to a complete standstill.’

‘The birdie song was a disaster as well as they all just kept turning around anxiously and screaming ‘Where? Where?’

‘They put a specially adapted version of Superman on instead but that was pretty boring as every action was just ‘shuffle.’

‘That’s when one of the mums stuck the Hokey Cokey on, and it was still going two and a half hours later with the spiders just getting bored and wandering around the room sliding on the carpet.’

A close friend of the host told Southend News Network that having the party at home was a ‘last resort’ as none of the local soft play centres were willing to accommodate them.

She said: ‘No soft play centres in the area will host insect parties anymore after an incident last year at Funky Funhouse where a common household fly blocked a crawl tunnel for a whole hour by not being able to fly into a whacking great space without bashing into a wall.’