A spokesperson for Titanic Memorial Society UK has confirmed that members are seeking legal advice after a new range of wine went on sale under the brand name of ‘Eisberg.’

According to Leo Winslet of TMSUK, the choice of name could constitute a ‘hate crime.’

He said: ‘People think that it is OK to joke about the Titanic tragedy because more than 100 years have passed – this couldn’t be further from the reality.’

‘The fact that they have changed the spelling to try and slip their insult under the radar just makes it even worse. How stupid do they think that we are?’

‘We are seeking legal advice on the matter, and we are delighted to say that our members will be represented by Henry Polesmear QC.’

‘He recently managed to get the London borough of Wapping to change its name after complaints from the local Italian community.’

‘In the meantime, we will continue to form picket lines in any supermarkets that continue to have this disgraceful wine on their shelves.’

‘We are also looking into reports that Tesco may be stocking a similarly upsetting type of lettuce. Again we will take action if we feel that it is necessary.’