The entire town of Southend On Sea was left ‘buzzing with excitement’ on Friday evening after it was announced that the local iconic landmark of Southend Pier has been chosen to feature on the new £10 note that is due to be released in 2017.

Speaking in front of a packed audience at the Cliffs Pavilion theatre in Southend, the Bank of England’s Lead Note Design Engineer Miguel Jones confirmed that the longest pleasure pier in the world will share one side of the new tenner with Jane Austen. He also delighted the local press by declaring that the move was ‘long overdue.’

He added: ‘When we came up with the design for the new polymer £10 note, we were given a brief stating that we had to include images that put the ‘great’ into ‘Great Britain’ – we felt that Southend Pier was the final piece in this jigsaw.’

‘While Jane Austin was a monumental figure when it came to shaping our nation’s literary heritage, Southend Pier has made one of the biggest contributions to both the country’s tourism industry and its image throughout the world. If you say ‘Great Britain’ to someone in the United States, Australia, Japan, China, South Africa, Russia or Estonia, the first thing that they will think of is your town’s 1.3 miles of wood and metal stretching out into the sea.’

‘It is also a perfect shining example of the British resilience that won us two world wars. It has burnt down on multiple occasions, and it has just bounced back stronger than ever before. Ships have somehow failed to notice it and gone straight through it time and time again, and yet they just patch it up as if nothing ever happened. If people need to find the perfect embodiment of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On,’ they will find it neatly sandwiched between the two halves of Adventure Island Theme Park.’

Southend Borough Council Head of Tourism and Waste Management Colin Smeeg told our Chief Reporter that he was ‘literally beside himself with excitement,’ before hastily changing his official position to ‘figuratively beside himself with excitement.’

Mr Smeeg added: ‘This is a huge honour for Southend On Sea. We expect that this decision will lead to millions of extra tourists to the town every year as every single citizen of this country will be carrying an advertisement for our town in their wallets and purses. When foreign visitors receive their Bureau de Change order in advance of their trip, they will be hastily adjusting their schedule to include a stop right here, and I am proud to declare that we are ready for this massive influx of tourist spending.’

‘We were concerned that the cancellation of our annual Airshow would lead to the wider public getting the idea that the whole area was some sort of ‘Mickey Mouse’ outfit, but anyone dissing Southend in future can be firmly put in their place by anyone who can wave a tenner in their face!’

At the end of the presentation, the Bank of England’s Head of Banknote Security had one extra announcement to make. Sir Clive Youvi added: ‘The pier will also have a huge role to play in the security element of the new banknote. When it is held under an ultraviolet light, a hidden image appears underneath the shore end of a 75-year-old prostitute blowing a man in his late twenties while his Staffordshire Terrier is tied up to one of the wooden posts.’