A 34-year-old wheat intolerance sufferer from Southend has warned one of his Facebook followers that ‘there will be hell to pay’ after she accidentally shared his recent Facebook post instead of cutting and pasting it.

Michael Holborn-Aldgate is currently documenting his treatment journey on social media, and yesterday he wrote a 500-word mini essay about how difficult it is to live with wheat intolerance and a life without decent muffins. 

He told Southend News Network that he was ‘disgusted’ after one of his fans read the post and then pressed ‘share’ instead of cutting and pasting it like he bloody well asked everyone.

He said: ‘I am going through the fight of my life here, and at the very least people should have the decency to follow my instructions exactly.’

‘I sat there and poured my heart out, and then one of the local mums showed me a total lack of respect by sharing the post. Everyone knows that a little puppy dies when people share a text-based post instead of cutting and pasting it.’

‘Sharing something is the cowardly single-button easy way out. What is so difficult and time-consuming about holding your finger down on the screen, dragging the little markers around to select everything, accidentally getting rid of the whole lot and starting again, opening a new post, holding your finger down again, pasting it all in, realising that you missed a bit, correcting it accordingly and then posting it on your own wall.’

‘Some people really do need to have a long hard look at themselves. I can appreciate that the lady in question has kids and a busy lifestyle, but she needs to remember that thousands of people are killed every year through careless post sharing on Facebook instead of cutting and pasting.’

We managed to track down Suzanne Fuchovski, the busy mum whose careless Facebook share could end up endangering the lives of millions of people.

She said: ‘To be honest, I didn’t really read any of his post about wheat intolerance before I shared it. I just saw the words ‘tragic,’ ‘journey’ and ‘heartbreaking,’ and with all the emojis as well I just assumed that it would be inspirational and shit.’

A statement from Essex Police confirmed that Miss Fuchovski has been arrested and bailed until October 25th when she will appear at Southend Magistrates Court to be charged with online endangerment.