A number of people have been offering tributes this evening after the last remaining Clive in Great Britain passed away aged 91 in a retirement home in Southend On Sea. 

It is now thought that the name will die out completely in the same manner as ‘Gary’ and ‘Roger’ in the last few years.

Clive Cliverton’s daughter Mary confirmed that he had been suffering from a brief illness, and a private family burial will be held according to his final wishes.

Southend On Sea Borough Head Registrar Karen Nomer said that the name hadn’t been spotted on the birthing register in her office since May 1981, and she paid her own unique tribute to someone who was described by all as having ‘an odd name.’

She added: ‘I think people have avoided the name ‘Clive’ over the last thirty years or so as it sounds a bit like ‘chive,’ and nobody really likes them – even when they are used as a Pringle flavouring.’

‘These days names have all changed in line with the times. Lots of apostrophes, vowel-free names and Alfies for some reason. We used to get a few Cliffs here and there, but that one seems to be dying out as well because, you know.’

We contacted one local primary school teacher who has been in the profession for the last 30 years, and she said that she cannot remember her last Clive.

Samantha Prong, head of Reception and Year One at Westcliff Green Primary Academy said: ‘We did have a child called Clint a few years ago, but someone pushed two of the capital letters together on the magnet board just before the Ofsted inspectors arrived.’

‘We’ve only just come out of special measures because of it.’