The United States has been left in turmoil this evening after Donald Trump saw a protestor with a nasty message about him on a piece of card and sensationally resigned as President. 

According to sources within The White House, President Trump had ‘literally no idea that there are people out there who don’t like him’ and he was left with no alternative other than to step down. 

In a further development, it was also revealed that Trump had almost decided to not attend the inauguration and do something else instead when someone tweeted that he was ‘a bad man’ and added some sort of devil emoji. 

We spoke to Badiddlie Beebong-Derpington who was marching through Washington as part of the pre-arranged ‘We Don’t Like Him’ demonstration. 

She added: ‘Nobody likes this guy, so we have no idea why he has been elected as president.’

‘However, we are delighted that it took hardly any persuasion to make him stand down. Personally I was prepared to start chanting a rhyming slogan into a megaphone and everything.’

‘I’m going to go over to England next and stop Brexit with an interpretive dance performance outside Parliament.’

Randy Fandangler had been attending the inauguration with fellow members of the Trumpeters for Trump group, and he admitted that the whole experience had left him feeling ‘upset.’

He said: ‘I was very disappointed when I first heard that he had left, but fair play to her as she had a sign.’