A spokesperson for Donald Trump has confirmed that ‘covfefe’ stands for ‘Crusty Old Vagina Flaps Expects Fornication Everyday,’ a private codeword used on a regular basis as a term of endearment between the President and the First Lady Melania Trump.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer called an emergency meeting a few hours after President Trump abruptly ended a tweet with the word ‘covfefe’ – he said that he wanted to brief the press directly to put an end to ‘rampant and destructive speculation’ about the codeword.

He said: ‘Because of the nature of the relationship between a President and his First Lady, it is vital to have a code word that can be used when either of them wants some time alone to get away from it all and do what any other normal married couple might do.’

‘Crusty Old Vagina Flaps’ is the name that Melania uses for Mr Trump as a term of endearment, and because of his extremely healthy sex drive he ‘Expects Fornication Everyday’ – this is incredibly positive for someone of his age.’

‘We tried telling him that ‘Everyday’ should be two words in this context, but he was adamant that his usage was correct and he’s the pres.’

‘When the president was inaugurated back in January, he met with the Secret Service to designate a number of these code words, and at the time we asked Mr Trump to add these to his smartphone dictionary for ease of use.’

‘Unfortunately it appears to have slipped out on this occasion on Twitter.’

‘President Obama had a similar setup with First Lady Michelle. He used the code ‘bbbwsbp’ – ‘Big Black Barry Wants Some Boomchickawahwah Pronto.’