A tsunami alert has been issued for the area of coastline surrounding Southend On Sea after all of the water mysteriously disappeared on Monday.

According to witnesses, the entire stretch of the coast between Shoeburyness and Benfleet in South Essex was seen without any water just after 12.30pm, sparking fears of a tsunami or tidal wave in the area after residents in Florida experienced the same phenomenon shortly before the tidal surge of Hurricane Irma.

Southend-based mum of three Michelle Garridge told our Chief Reporter that she has decided to take her children BiPi, Jet and Texaco to higher ground until the danger has passed.

She said: ‘I am taking my kids and pitching a tent at Hadleigh Castle until Southend has received the all-clear. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your own children, even more so after seeing those horrible scenes on the news from America.’

‘Everyone else seems really calm about – my mate Chantelle told me that she saw something similar happen twice last Friday so surely our luck is going to run out sooner or later.’

Just after we spoke to Michelle, it was confirmed that an evacuation is underway in the town – a measure not taken since another resident raised concerns over Southend colliding with the last Supermoon.

The evacuation has since been branded ‘a waste of time.’

A spokesperson for Southend Borough Council said: ‘We take the safety of our residents incredibly seriously, especially when it comes to the seafront and drainage.’

‘We sent someone down there with a crate of Cilit Bang this morning.’