Documents uncovered by zoological historians in the USA have sensationally revealed a cover-up in the biography bestseller The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

According to Dr Irving Peeder of the University of Wisconsin, the documents show that the caterpillar actually contracted diabetes and lost a foot in 1969.

The evidence points to an unnamed writer changing the version of events to a different outcome where he forms a cocoon and turns into a butterfly.

Dr Peeder added: ‘This revelation doesn’t surprise at all when you look at his dietary habits in the book.’

‘The first few days are absolutely fine with an excellent range of fruits.’

‘However, we see later in the book that he has moved onto an eating regime that is packed full of sugar and saturated fat.’

‘On Saturday alone, with the exception of the gherkin and the watermelon, his menu would have struck fear into the heart of any qualified nutritionist.’

‘These medical records show that his lust for unhealthy food caught up with him, and his diabetes progressed to the stage where it was necessary to remove a foot.’

‘His fans will be pleased to know that his quality of life wasn’t affected too much as he had another 15.’

‘He continued to live in relative happiness until his death from a self-inflicted sexual injury in 1978.’

The unexpected news means that The Very Hungry Caterpillar is just the latest celebrity to have developed the disease, after Cookie Monster also revealed that he is struggling to live the condition just two weeks ago.’