Thousands of people have jumped onto Facebook and Twitter to describe their outrage after it was announced that God Save The Queen, the national anthem of the United Kingdom, is to be scrapped and replaced with a ‘modern and culturally-inclusive piece that embraces citizens of all backgrounds.

The decision has been taken after successful legal action over the current anthem having the word ‘God’ repeated throughout.

This will be the first time that our national anthem has been changed since its adoption in 1745, and the move was confirmed in an announcement by the Department for Constitutional Affairs today. 

DCA Senior Minister Sir Geoffrey Bungleton said that this would be a ‘historic and exciting’ move for the United Kingdom.

He added: ‘A decision was taken in the High Court earlier today after legal action was instigated by The British Society for Multiculturalism and Non-Forcement of Religious Beliefs.’ 

‘As Judge Justice Lionel Judgeby ruled in their favour, we have been forced to take the very difficult decision to replace God Save The Queen.’

‘The ruling stated that all citizens have the right to sing the national anthem, and therefore it is a complete breach of their human rights to insist on having a song with the word ‘God’ in it. There are religions who use alternative words like ‘Allah’ or ‘Hashem,’ and in effect they are being forced to sing a word associated with Christianity.’

‘Therefore, God Save The Queen will be discontinued as our national anthem on December 31st 2016, and a competition will now be launched to find a successor. We are already in talks with ITV about an X-Factor style contest where potential anthems can be voted for by members of the public.’

‘We have already had some interest from Coldplay and S-Club 7.’

The British Society for Multiculturalism and Non-Forcement of Religious Beliefs have already published a statement to say that they are ‘delighted’ to have won in the High Court.

It said: ‘We have said for a number of years that having a national anthem with the word ‘God’ in it is a disgrace in a country that embraces people from all religious and cultural backgrounds.’

‘It will be fascinating to hear the possible replacement songs in the months to come. We have already commissioned an entry on behalf of all BSMNFRB members called ‘A Global Britain.’

‘It includes segments of Bhangra and North African influences, and it is a celebration of inclusion and the way that Britain has welcomed newcomers from all over the world – Right from the Windrush era to the recent refugee crisis.’