A leaked government email has revealed that the United Kingdom is currently preparing for a ‘no deal Brexit’ scenario by discussing plans to join the continent of Africa.

According to detailed notes that have been seen by Southend News Network, failing to reach a deal with Brussels and the remaining 27 European Union member states could result in the UK signing a deal with the African Continent that will ‘fully harness the potential of an ever-emerging group of economies.’

A government source told our Newsdesk that this back-up plan is actually at an ‘incredibly advanced stage.’

He added: ‘It is now perfectly clear that Jean-Claude Juncker, Guy Verhofstadt and Christian Barnier are dead against the United Kingdom getting anything out of the Brexit negotiation process, and so this deal with Africa is going to be used as a bargaining chip in Brussels to try and commence trade talks as soon as possible.’

‘However, if the EU’s elite continue to refuse to budge, the United Kingdom is now fully prepared to spearhead the brand new African Union that will come with a range of benefits.’

‘First and foremost, freedom of movement will continue, but it will now consist of a reformed arrangement between the United Kingdom and 55 African states.’

‘This is an incredibly exciting prospect, and it will be easy to choose between waiting six weeks for a visa to visit France and just popping over to Madagascar without any immigration hassle whatsoever.’

‘Favourable trade tariffs will also mean that a standard 330ml carton of Um Bongo should now only cost around 7p, giving millions of British children the chance to get more than their five a day.’

A spokesperson for UKIP welcomed the news, adding: ‘We were already aware of this new arrangement, and that is why we chose an African animal for our new logo at the party conference.’