A spokesperson for UKIP has called for an urgent ban on beekeeper veils after thousands of bees were injured in a chemical attack in the heart of the Essex countryside. 

Natalie Sendumbach is the party’s policy communications officer, she told our Chief Reporter that urgent action was required to protect the ‘security and integration’ of British apiculture.

Ms Sendumbach added: ‘Paul and the rest of the party were devastated to hear about yesterday’s chemical attack in Hadleigh.’

‘In broad daylight, a beekeeper wearing full facial coverings to avoid identification approached a beehive that was open and sprayed a highly potent white chemical all over the bees who were inside.’

‘Within just a few moments, all of the bees became incredibly subdued – we’re still trying to get an update about their condition.’

‘It’s time for Britain to stop pandering to the liberals and the hand-wringers. These beekeepers are a threat to society and we say that if they have nothing to hide, they can go about their daily business with their face on display.’

‘Every other animal can be handled without a full veil after all.’

In another late development, it emerged that more than 10,000 wasps were murdered by an incendiary device in Hockley on Sunday, just a few miles from the Hadleigh attack.

The South Essex branch of UKIP released a statement saying: ‘We’re not saying that beekeepers should be banned from Britain, far from it.’

‘Some of our best friends are honey producers, but we are calling for a common sense approach that has been destroyed by so many years of Labour and Tory governments that have allowed radical apiculture to thrive in the United Kingdom.’