A spokesperson for UKIP has confirmed that the ban on face coverings mentioned in their manifesto would extend to stormtroopers. 

They mentioned that the soldiers would no longer be allowed to wear the full outfit because they may be concealing a ‘ray gun’ or similar.

An aide of party leader Paul Nuttall added: ‘We’re not saying that we cannot embrace stormtroopers into a friendly and welcoming multicultural society – we just feel that it is counterproductive to our national security if their faces are not visible at all times.’

‘The British people are right to be concerned about radicalised elements of the Galactic Empire.’

‘It’s all fun and games while they are just marching up and down or out shopping for begonias, but imagine if one of them just walked into a Burger King and started vaporising young children.’

‘CCTV footage would be useless as they all look the bloody same with their armour on.’

‘We’re not saying that they cannot follow Stormtrooperism – many believers are peaceful or at worst moderate.’

‘What we are insisting upon is that they go about their business in a manner that doesn’t lead to a climate of fear.’

In a further development, it was also revealed that all performances of Phantom Of The Opera would be suspended under a UKIP government.

A source said: ‘The main character would be forced to keep his mask off for the whole show, and Andrew Lloyd Webber has already said that this would ruin the plot completely.’

‘It would be nonsense. ‘Who is the phantom? Oh that’s who it is. The end.’

‘They wouldn’t be able to make any more Scooby Doo episodes at Pinewood either.’