The UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has shocked Westminster by demanding that Theresa May REVOKES Article 50 before the general election on June 8th. 

The unprecedented move would put the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union into reverse.

In a speech, Nuttall also added: ‘If you could ramp up unskilled immigration a bit as well, that would be super.’

‘As soon as the general election was announced, our National Executive Committee sat down and we drew up a detailed plan of what this Tory government needs to do as a matter of urgency to ensure that our manifesto is relevant on June 8th.’

‘We already have a team of surgeons around the country who will be mistaking tonsillectomies for leg amputations because of language difficulties as a precaution.’

‘There are some tough times ahead as we enter the fight to win some seats in the House of Commons.’

‘If we are ultimately unsuccessful this time we may have to resort to taking our own ones from Homebase.’

‘In many ways it will be like a battle, almost Hastings-like. I was there, you know. Just ask my mate Bill, the French fella.’

Nigel Farage issued a statement to confirm that he intends to stand in Thanet or Essex or somewhere northern provided that Theresa May takes Britain back into Brussels so that he can take the country back again.

He said: ‘It’s time for Theresa May to stand up for Britain and let those Eurocrats take our country back so we can rise up and take it back again.’