An urgent recall has been issued for around 50,000 Smothero child and baby car seats in the UK after one of them CAUGHT FIRE in an owner’s front garden. The Italian manufacturer has issued a statement saying that anyone with a 1000 Series, 2000 Series or 3000 Series Smothero baby car seat should stop using it immediately and return it to their nearest baby retailer for a full refund or a replacement. 

According to reports in a number of press outlets, a Smothero 3000 Series owner in Benfleet, Essex, noticed that their seat was on fire last week after throwing five litres of paraffin over it and then attacking it with a massive flamethrower. Smothero executives saw the reports and acted immediately to recall the seat to prevent other parents from throwing five litres of paraffin over their Smotero car seats and then attacking them with a massive flamethrower. In the statement, it also advised parents to use slightly less flammable liquids when soaking baby accessories in unnecessary solutions, and if possible to only attack them with weapons that do not produce fire. 

This isn’t the first time that Smothero bosses have been forced to issue an embarrassing product recall. In 2014, the signature Smothero Plungia Pushchair was withdrawn from sale after a young mother accidentally pushed it off the end of Southend Pier without her child in it. As a precaution, all 75,000 Plungia models were recalled, and Smothero Chief Executive Salvatore Hysterioso was jailed for life. 


  1. These baby seats sound really dangerous especially as alcohol could have the same effect as paraffin.

    Just imagine what could happen if my youngest is in her baby seat and dribbles some gin out of her bottle, It would then only need some ash from one of my seven-year-old’s cigarettes for the baby seat to catch fire.

    I could lose my 4×4!

  2. We bought one of these these awful seats for our baby girl, Shakiradelle. Luckily my hubbie works at Shoeburyness Ranges. He took it there for test purposes as we were concerened for her safety. At low tide they took it out to the end of the Boom and it suddenly exploded shattering the windows of houses across the river in Kent.
    Luckily they were half a mile away so were not injured. They did put 50 kilos of High Explosive in the seat with remote detonator in case it bacame unstable but swear they never activated it. Heroes all of them. They all went down the pub later laughing ????