The ex-footballer and movie star Vinnie Jones has taken to Twitter this evening to deny that he was responsible for shooting a number of foxes in spite of the photo appearing on his Twitter feed – he has confirmed that the foxes were all actors for a fox CPR video that he was making as a follow up to a commercial he filmed a few years ago.

Speaking exclusively to Southend News Network, Jones said: ‘Although the foxes looked like they were dead, they were actually trained actors for a commercial that I have been filming all about administering CPR and emergency first aid to foxes.’

‘It’s a shocking fact, but 96% of the British population have admitted that they wouldn’t know what to do if they found a fox suffering from a cardiac arrest.’

‘There are a number of differences between fox CPR and human CPR, and this video will help to set the record straight.’

‘While my last campaign was called ‘Hard and Fast,’ this one will be called ‘Hard and Fast and Mind The Teeth.’

‘I feel passionately about improving the chances for foxes that are suddenly taken ill while engaging in a particularly strenuous run or after a sudden shock.’

The commercial is being produced in associated with Fox 911 – a charity that provides fox-related first aid training for humans and badgers.

Fox 911 chief executive Jason Renard-Brush said: ‘Vinnie is a fantastic ambassador for our organisation, and the actors simply loved working with him and hearing tales of his time on Lock Stock and Snatch.’

‘The catering on set was a bit problematic as we ran a bit low on rabbits at one point, but luckily we were able to wander into a nearby field and blow a load to fucking smithereens.’