A driver of a large Volvo 4×4 vehicle has been talking exclusively to Southend News Network after he managed to straddle all four lanes of the M25 motorway on Saturday morning.

Shortly after 9am, Volvo XC90 owner Kirk Kirkland was spotted hogging each of the four lanes simultaneously – a feat that has never been achieved in the United Kingdom.

The achievement has now been verified by both the AA and the RAC.

Mr Kirkland said: ‘I had just passed the junction with the M11 heading anti-clockwise towards South Mimms Services, and while cruising needlessly at 62 miles per hour in the outside lane I spotted a button on my dashboard that I had never seen before.’

‘Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it had an illustration of what appeared to be an anus between two buttocks, and when I pressed it the strangest thing happened.’

‘The entire car was surrounded by what looked like a bright flash and a rupture in the space-time continuum, and all of a sudden I found myself somehow taking up every single lane at the same time with a massive amount of space around me.’

‘My previous record was two lanes, so naturally I am chuffed to bits.’

Witness Harvey Froope added: ‘It was the strangest thing. His car remained at the same width throughout the incident, but no matter what lane I tried to move into he was already there.’

It has been a busy week for motoring journalists after BMW announced that all of their cars will be fitted with indicators as standard from next year.