A spokesperson for the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has confirmed that all of their new vehicles will be fitted with a lane warning system from mid-2017. 

According to Björn Agnetha-Benny, Volvo’s Head of Technological Improvement, their patented Läno system will emit an audible warning tone when drivers are only using one lane.

He said: ‘When driving a Volvo, it is useful to think of the road as a runway, with the dashed line acting as some sort of ‘invitation to straddle.’

‘There is so much unused space on the roads these days as most manufacturers encourage motorists to take a conservative approach to lane discipline.’

‘The Läno system will change all of that. Whenever it detects that the driver is between the kerb and the centre of the road, it will emit a piercing noise and display a clear screen warning about the dangers of giving other motorists enough room.’

‘On our premium models, indicators have also also been upgraded to ‘confirmers’ so that they can only be used to let drivers know the direction that you have already decided to move your vehicle.’

‘In tests we have found that this is infinitely more useful than giving people advanced warning.’

We asked Mr Agnetha-Benny about whether or not these developments would affect the manufacturer’s safety rating.

He said: ‘Time and time again, it has been proven that Volvos are the safest possible car in the event of an accident. This is mainly because any other vehicles will simply disintegrate under its sheer weight.’

‘In some of our 4×4 models, the driver is 25 feet off the ground, giving the sense that he or he is driving some sort of monster truck. Nothing else will give him such a clear view of the road.’