A group of Waitrose shoppers from Leigh On Sea in Essex have launched a petition for Facebook to introduce an ‘I’M SAFE’ button when their smartphones detect that they have popped into Aldi instead.

Regular Waitrose customer Phillatollie Clench-Stirrup had the idea a week ago after she was forced to make an emergency stop for multigrain seeded baps in the Eastwood branch of the discount supermarket.

She told Southend News Network that she immediately thought that it looked ‘a bit dodgy.’

She added: ‘From time to time I am forced to purchase items in Aldi if money is a bit tight or time is limited because Leviathan is late for baby karate.’

‘Whenever this happens and I set foot inside a branch I always feel like my nearest and dearest would appreciate it if they could instantly know that I was OK.’

‘Just the other day I remember seeing a couple of ladies speaking a language that I couldn’t understand, and there was a young boy wearing some sort of shoes with wheels on that meant he could swiftly and suddenly move from one place to another.’

‘I have never felt so intimidated in my entire life.’

‘How difficult could it possibly be for Waitrose customers to download a version of the Facebook app that automatically displays an ‘I’M SAFE’ button when the geolocation technology picks up that the user is in Aldi?’

‘My phone already beeps when I am within 50 yards of Patisserie Valerie to let me know if there are any discounts on choux sausage rolls after all.’