There has been a multi-car pile up in the Dartford Tunnel after a motorist changed his mind about paying the £2.50 toll and carried out an emergency stop.

A passing motorist captured this shocking footage as a number of other vehicles went straight into the back of his vehicle.

According to a witness, the motorist was heard screaming ‘£2.50? Fuck that for a game of toy soldiers’ before bringing the car to a grinding halt.

He added: ‘The driver at the front clearly thought he could reverse out of the tunnel and somehow avoid paying the £2.50.’

‘With the number plate recognition cameras being installed on the Kent side, he hadn’t technically been picked up yet.’

‘However, a number of cars behind him clearly couldn’t stop in time.’

Police at the Dartford Crossing confirmed that it took an hour for a police vehicle to attend the scene as the crash took place in the exact centre of the tunnel.

The case has now been referred to the IPCC as officers from both Kent and Essex Police were unable to figure out whose responsibility it was to attend.

This has also led to concerns of a default ‘zone of lawlessness’ in the Dartford Tunnels and on the Dartford Bridge, with a number of unrestricted roulette machines already appearing.

A spokesperson for the crossing operator DartCros said: ‘As the driver had reached the halfway point of the tunnel, he would have been liable for £1.25.’

‘The system that is in place is designed to apply partial payments for partial distances.’

‘This is a fair process that ensures that motorists are only charged for the amount of the crossing that they use.’