Her Majesty The Queen has recorded her Christmas Day Message that will be broadcast on December 25th 2017, and it includes a passionate plea in French for EU leaders in Brussels to STOP BREXIT.

We have obtained the clip that will form part of the traditional broadcast to the United Kingdom and the rest of the Commonwealth.

In it, she makes it clear that the time has come for those in the Brussels corridors of power to put a stop to the Brexit process for the good of both sides.

You can watch it below with subtitles.

The leak is likely to anger a number of Brexit supporters who were counting on the Royal Family’s support throughout the process of leaving the European Union.

Her Majesty has already come under fire after delivering a passionate pro-EU speech while wearing a specially crafted hat that was designed to look to the EU’s Ring of Stars Flag.

A source within Buckingham Palace said: ‘Her Majesty was very passionate about voting Leave in the run up to the Referendum.’

‘Like many others in Britain, she saw that red bus while out walking her Corgis and her mind was made up.’

‘However, since then she has changed her mind after witnessing the negotiations and, as she calls it, ‘truly frightful levels of dilly dallying.’

‘She has even avoided using the term ‘headless chickens’ as she is worried that it may insult headless chickens.’

‘She did very well in her speech and her French sounded excellent.’

‘She’s pretty nifty with the old German as well, but she keeps it quiet as Philip likes making salutes and goose stepping around the room whenever she uses it.’

A spokesperson for The Queen said that the source of the leak will be investigated.