A baffled new mum and dad from Southend have been talking about the utter shock and disbelief that they experienced after the birth of their baby boy on Wednesday – he is black while his two parents are white.

Nathan Adams and his long-term girlfriend Nicola Byke-Smith, both 24, told our Newsdesk that they experienced a ‘wide range of emotions’ when they first caught a glimpse of little Del at Southend University Hospital.

Although both of them describe themselves as ‘white as white can be,’ Del is black, and doctors are trying to figure out how it happened.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, Nicola said: ‘We are both scratching our heads about how this could have happened. Neither of us have any black ancestors whatsoever.’

‘Nathan has just returned from 12 months on a Norwegian oil rig, and he is just as shocked as I am.’

Confused dad Nathan added: ‘I have been reading online about cases in the past where a baby has been born with an entirely different ethnicity to their parents, and we now have a team of doctors who are looking into what has happened with Del.’

‘It will be fascinating to see what they come up with.’

Nicola’s best friend Jamal Johnson told our Chief Reporter that he was ‘delighted’ for the couple.

He said: ‘They have found it incredibly difficult to conceive a child with him being away working so much, but now their dreams have come true.’

‘Through my personal training business I meet a lot of ladies who are trying to get in shape and improve their chances of conceiving, and I will use this inspirational story to benefit clients in the future.’