A packet of Wine Gums was arrested during the early hours of Tuesday morning after officers obtained a warrant to search his home as part of Operation Rowntree. 

According to a neighbour in his plush West London street, cops swooped on the eight-bedroom home at around 4am to catch him awake before he was due to attend a promotional event in Central London. 

He added: ‘Around 30 officers arrived at the property, and they managed to gain entry without too much of a fuss.’

‘I managed to overhear a few bits and pieces, and it was clear that the raid had something do with an incident in 1974.’

‘To be fair, I’ve always thought that there was something funny about him.’ 

‘He always seems to be around kids, even though it is clear from his name that there is alcohol involved.’

In a further development, a tube of Fruit Pastilles has attended Paddington Green Police Station for an interview under caution. 

According to a close friend, an allegation was made that he ‘set the juice loose’ on a number of occasions in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.