A 25-year-old woman from Southend has confirmed that she is divorcing her husband after he dressed their baby boy incorrectly by putting his baby grow on upside down. 

According to Kayleigh Scragg, she found it ‘really funny’ at first and she shared a photo to a well-known local mums Facebook group. However, a number of other users weren’t amused, and within a few minutes they had managed to convince her to seek legal advice regarding a full separation. 

Mrs Scragg added: ‘I thought that it was just a harmless mistake at first as my husband Charlie had finished a 12-hour shift and offered to get Nathan ready for bed.’

‘However, a lot of the other mums on Facebook said that this can be the start of other bad habits, like staying out late in the pub with friends and seeing other women. Therefore, I asked Charlie to move out while I get legal advice over divorce proceedings.’

‘He’s still allowed to see Nathan once a week under supervision from a trained childcare professional to ensure that he is dressed properly at all times.’

Kayleigh’s Facebook friend Natasshhaa Crudge told Southend News Network that the decision was best for everyone.

She said: ‘My boyfriend started out putting my daughter’s clothes on wrongly, and a few weeks later I noticed that he had a text from another girl on his phone asking him to do an extra shift at work. It might have been his boss, but you never know do you.’

‘As soon as I saw that photo of what he done to Kayleigh’s little boy, I knew that it was my duty to let her know he might be the wrong guy for her.’