President Trump has praised a workforce of 100 artists for their speedy attention to detail after work was completed today to convert the four existing presidents of Mount Rushmore into identical representations of Trump in the middle of a mind-blowing orgasm.

A spokesperson for Trump’s office confirmed that the President came up with the idea to let the people of the USA know that ‘the country is worth blowing a wad over.’

He added: ‘The attention to detail in Mr Trump’s O-face is breathtaking – the President should be commended for holding the pose for a full 37 minutes while sketches were taken back in January.’

‘When people visit this great landmark now, they will see their Commander-In-Chief with a look of absolute ecstasy on his face while he looks over his land and people.’

‘From that spot in South Dakota, he could probably look into the distance and see scores of Mexicans trying to jump the wall and failing miserably – that’s like Debbie Does Dallas to him.’

Trump has also tweeted about the newly-remodelled landmark. He stated that he intends to get loudspeakers installed at the site to play the sound that usually accompanies that facial expression, which is apparently a sort of ‘hnnnnnnng’ sound.

The first photo appeared on social media earlier today on The George Elliott Foundation Facebook page.

The project is the first of a number of planned landmark renovations designed to mark Trump’s presidency, with work due to begin shortly on remodelling the Statue Of Liberty’s face into a stern-looking Trump.

According to a designer on the project, the re-modelling will act as a warning to incoming boats if Ellis Island ever re-opens as an immigrant reception centre.