The world’s biggest c*nt Nigel McSmith from Southend On Sea in Essex has admitted that he is ‘angry beyond belief’ after a member of the public accidentally called him a ‘Hunt.’

Mr McSmith took the title in the August 2017 International Festival Of C*ntery after managing to park in 34 Parent and Toddler spaces without a child in 24 hours.

According to witnesses, while in Southend High Street earlier today McSmith barged into another pedestrian while approaching Burger King, and he was ‘mortified’ when he called him a ‘total and utter fucking Hunt.’

McSmith said: ‘I can’t believe what he called me. Everyone can call me a Grade A Cardboard Cut-Out Fucking C*nt as much as they like, but to compare me to that piece of shit who finds doctors committing suicide amusing is beyond humanity.’

’I’ve worked incredibly hard to become the planet’s biggest c*nt, so how dare he disrespect me in this way.’

’Naturally I headbutted him and poured hot coffee all over his girlfriend as that’s the sort of c*nt I am.’