The Essex Police helicopter has been spotted flying over Canvey Island this morning – local officials have not given any details about the reasons for deploying the Aerial Policing Unit. No alerts are currently active for crimes that are ongoing or in process, and Southend News Network investigators are currently looking into it, or upto it. 

A source living on Canvey said: ‘The police helicopter is out, so something is clearly going on somewhere. It may be on a training exercise, or they could be taking it out for a spin after its annual service – it may just be the noise coming from my air con unit. Either way, WOW a helicopter!’

Full details will be released in tonight’s printed edition of Southend News Network – if we get enough photos there will be a 64-page pullout featuring some po-faced local councillor staring into a photo at a weird kind of right angle and talking about how he is committed to keeping our streets safe.


  1. Flying over Canvey?? Must be an infra red “one in the oven” yummy mummy count?