Fans of Tottenham Hotspur have always had a terrible habit of saying things that come back to bite them in the arse (ironic choice of word there). 

Last night’s defeat to Monaco and exit from the Champions League group stages was one of those classic moments. 

A few years ago, Spurs supporters took a huge amount of glee from seeing their North London rivals Arsenal crash out to the same team in the knockout stages. 

The Twitter meltdown was funny enough to watch, but the clip above pretty much summed up the general ‘schadenfreude’ of it all.

It seems that the guys over at Dream Team couldn’t resist the opportunity for a little video dig. 

By the way, we apologise to any Spurs fans out there, but regular Southend News Network readers will know that we hate West Ham just as much – we promise to go back to bashing their tinpot stadium as soon as possible. 

Mais oui, Harry, mais oui …